Piab extends it line of suction cup accessories

Piab extends it line of suction cup accessories

With three new attachment options Piab is offering further EOAT design possibilities for optimal handling system solutions construction. These options include angle adapter, lockable ball joint and an extension kit.

The stainless steel angle adapter enables several suction cups to be connected in series. Its integrated M8 3/8” female thread allows easing mounting of suction cups in a vacuum system by e.g. fixing them to a metal rail or profile.

The lockable ball joints – also made of stainless steel – enable angular adjustments of, for example, suction cups in a fixture or grimace. By allowing to angle the suction cup to be parallel to the objects surface the performance is increased. The lockable ball joints are available in two different sizes.

The aluminum extension kits are fastening tubes with clamps designed for aluminum profiles They can also be screwed directly to a plate or similar an create an attachment that is adjustable in height. They are available in 100mm or 200 mm length.

Customer benefits

  • Heightened flexibility in EOAT design
  • Offering easy addition and integration of suction cups and smart components
  • Reliable system construction by secure fixation of suction cups in EOATs in the required angle.

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