IKEA Sweden to offer customers affordable heat pumps

IKEA Sweden to offer customers affordable heat pumps

Heating and cooling of homes is an essential part of life at home and everyday life. Now, IKEA Sweden is offering customers an affordable heat pump solution that can support people’s current need to save money and live more sustainably through clean energy solutions.

The pilot is part of the Clean Energy Service offer in Sweden, where the aim is to find scalable solutions that connect clean energy services into the totality of offering life at home expertise.

IKEA believes that a more sustainable life starts at home and by promoting different clean energy solutions, we can make healthier and more sustainable living possible for the many people, says Signe Antvorskov Krag, Clean Energy Business Development Manager.

When we add heat pumps to the offer, we are taking important steps to create an ecosystem of services where IKEA customers in Sweden can take control of their energy consumption and connect it to existing energy saving range, she says.

IKEA wants to build the biggest renewable energy movement together with co-workers, customers and partners around the world, to help tackle climate change together. By 2030 the ambition is to inspire and enable more than 1 billion people to live a better, healthier and more sustainable everyday life within the limits of the planet.  

IKEA Retail Sweden together with partners already offer home solar solutions, and a simple and affordable electricity subscription. The subscription can be used by anyone but also offers the opportunity to sell back any surplus from the home solar production to the grid. Now lowered heating and cooling costs can be added to the country offer.

Together with Polarpumpen, our new partner for heat pumps, IKEA Sweden has tailored a reliable and affordable solution in terms of price, quality and warranties. But most importantly, in times of a volatile energy market it offers customers the possibility to save energy costs and connect the heating and cooling production to any existing home solar solution. By doing this it adds another important dimension to staying close to our customers’ needs, dreams, and desires,” concludes Signe Antvorskov Krag.

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