Sustainable Architecture & Green Buildings Driving Net-Zero Efforts at RMZ

Hyderabad, Sustainable architecture and green buildings meeting the needs of a balanced ecology is an emerging and on-demand trend in the Indian and global real estate landscape. RMZ Corp, one of Asia's largest privately-owned real estate investment, development and management firms, has embraced and established sustainability as the key agenda to build the 'Future of Space'. The company has an audacious target of expanding its total assets under management (AUM) to 350 million sq ft by 2032. RMZ Corp's philosophy is to develop workspaces that are environmentally sustainable and responsive to global ESG concerns while addressing the essential needs of the business community.

RMZ has developed the largest portfolio of assets certified under the LEED Arc platform, a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement and leadership.

RMZ's Sustainability Journey

RMZ's sustainability journey commenced in 2002, with a focus on building resource-efficient built spaces that are also globally recognized. The company began by implementing resource efficiency measures and establishing monitoring mechanisms across its operations, thereby addressing identified environmental and social issues. The organization was one of the first to adopt green building principles, namely, the US Green Building Council (USGBC) – LEED, across its existing and upcoming portfolio. RMZ achieved its first milestone in 2007, when one of its first projects, RMZ Ecospace in Bengaluru, was awarded the USGBC LEED certification. With continuous efforts, in 2018, RMZ became the first real estate developer in India to receive the LEED Arc certification. In 2020-21, The Skyview, RMZ's marquee property in Hyderabad, was awarded the LEED Gold certification.

The sustainability factor begins with getting the design right. Globally, RMZ has worked with SOM and DP Architects, and in India, firms like AEON and EN3 advise them on sustainable development and construction. The idea is to shape the future of forward-thinking buildings with an emphasis on reducing energy, water usage, and cost. Within the organization, the 'Green Committee' engages employees across all operations to be a part of sustainability efforts.

RMZ believes that its operating businesses are well-positioned to make the transition to a net zero-carbon economy. Its office portfolios are heavily weighted towards properties that meet high environmental sustainability standards consistent with the expectations of its members. Sustainability-integrated business models will be the driving force for organizations in the years to come. While RMZ has set ambitious goals for the year 2023, the company will strive to improve its ESG performance and achieve higher milestones in its journey to create the Future of Space.

As a customer-oriented business, RMZ places great focus on enhanced customer value and believes in keeping customer needs at the core of the business, which in turn results in establishing long-term relationships.

RMZ strives to embed Environmental, Social and Governance aspects (ESG) across all of its operations and the entire value chain. It engages in sustainable supply chain management practices to encourage its suppliers to partner with them in their sustainability journey and implement good ESG practices in their operations as well. RMZ prioritizes occupational health and safety and has put in place a system to ensure that all stakeholders work in safe conditions.

"We are not just in the business of creating future-ready spaces but are taking constant efforts that are innovative and significant to align our sustainability strategy for translating global needs and ambitions into business solutions across the value chain. We are evolving every day to enhance our focus areas on sustainable architecture and a green real estate ecosystem. Extensive green wall areas on the campus, adequate walking spaces all around, considerable fresh air pockets in the office area and lift lobbies, UV treatment for domestic and recycled water, solar panels at the terrace, self-grown veggies counter at the marketplace, and biophilic lobbies are some of RMZ's signature steps to embrace sustainability and put it to action," says K Jayakumar, Senior Managing Director, Executive Board, RMZ Corp.

RMZ's sustainability team drives the organization's sustainability transformation. In addition, the company has identified Sustainability Leaders across various functions, members of the Green Committee, who are the change agents and the Go-To-Experts to drive sustainability initiatives.

RMZ leverages every opportunity to re-invent, from innovations in design that have led to better indoor air quality to optimizing daylight harvesting, Biophilic concepts, etc. The built environment is also witnessing touchless technology solutions for an enhanced experience. Solutions such as pre-entry health checks, voice-activated elevators, social distancing sensors, automatic doors, hands-free switches, remote collaboration spaces, network security, automatic cleaning solutions in bathrooms, etc., change the workspace. The Skyview, Ecoworld, Nexus, Nexity, and RMZ Spire incorporate wide open areas to cultivate human interaction and a natural work environment, complemented by abundant greenery, natural light, and optimized air circulation.

Green Walls

RMZ's green walls are not only 10% cooler than exposed walls adding that extra comfort and providing lung space but also potentially bringing down electricity bills by almost 20%. Its 17.1 KW of solar power generation capacity is the perfect energy-efficient solution and a balm to the rapid depletion of exhaustible sources of energy. It has pergolas made of 100% recyclable and reusable biodegradable materials for natural light and ventilation. Plus, it uses recycled water to fill in water bodies in the buildings and to water plants.

RMZ's autonomous and completely self-sustained buildings have features like Ekodeck and Ecopond, striking the perfect balance between the lush green and the finesse of world-class luxury, the serenity of nature and the taste of exotic architecture. RMZ's expertise in Biophilic design, an evolving concept connecting human desire with nature, takes real estate steps forward towards sustainability. By bringing elements of the outdoors inside, RMZ's spaces speak volumes of visual connectivity between humans and nature, improving one's focus and ability to concentrate alongside amping up the concept of green, sustainable spaces.

The winner of the 2020 ULI Asia Pacific Awards for Excellence from India, RMZ, powered by sustainability, is all set to make its green mark across markets.


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