Introducing the cosmic-inspired Starburst from Porcelain Superstore

Introducing the cosmic-inspired Starburst from Porcelain Superstore

Porcelain Superstore

I’m up in space, man!
Apologies if you now have Sam Ryder’s Eurovision anthem blasting in your head, but the latest collection from independent tile retailer Porcelain Superstore will have homeowners dreaming of a galaxy far far away.
Starburst is a terrazzo-effect tile inspired by outer space.
Available in four colours, Starburst’s textured surface features tiny specks of colourful shards, breaking up the matt finish like stars in the night sky.
Abbas Youssefi, Director of Porcelain Superstore, said: “You know that a tile inspired by outer space is going to be pretty special and Starburst is exactly that.
“It’s a modern take on a very classic tile trend. These hardy porcelain tiles have a real depth of colour, which makes the tiny terrazzo-inspired shards pop. This tile is going to be universally adored.”
Starburst is made from hard-wearing porcelain, ensuring it is suitable for use on both walls and floors.
Starburst is priced at £69.60 per m2 and available now from

About Porcelain Superstore

Independent and family-run, the brothers behind Porcelain Superstore might have been brought up in the tile industry, but they aren’t afraid of shaking it up.

Passionate about porcelain, they scour Europe and beyond for their curated collections, which are handpicked from only the most respected tile factories.

Only the best-looking and top-quality tiles make it to their warehouse where bright, vibrant geometrics sit alongside more traditional large format tiles to offer customers the widest choice of quality porcelain tiles.

Throw in exceptional customer service and five-year guarantees on all tiles and it’s easy to see why Porcelain Superstore are not afraid of breaking the mould.   

Porcelain Superstore are represented by homes & interiors specialists jwcpr

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