Lille Langebro

Lille Langebro

SH Group was tasked with constructing a new bicycle and pedestrian bridge connecting Amager and Inner Copenhagen

Lille Langebro is a bicycle and pedestrian bridge in Copenhagen, which connects Vester Voldgade and Langebrogade on the Amagerside.

With its nearly 10,500 daily users, the bridge contributes by diverting pedestrian and bicycle traffic from the old Langebro, to itself instead.

Copenhagen municipality has had plans for a pedestrian bridge next to Langebro since 2000.

In 2014, Realdania decided to gift the municipality a sustainable bridge that would contribute to the scene both functionally and visually, to increase attraction to the capital.

The bridge spans 175 meters across the canal and allows boats of up to 5,4 meters to pass underneath it.
It features a 7-meter wide asphalted road for both pedestrians and bicycles. 4 meters are reserved for bicycles.


SH Group has developed and installed a safe and efficient turning solution for the bridge.
With our planet gears and drive systems, the bridge has an efficient and safe system to transition between opened and closed states.

We have manufactured the two yaw systems that control the movable bridge sections, along with frequency-controlled braking motors mounted on the planet gears.
They allow both quick and slow motion for the bridge.
The systems are installed within two of the four piers that move and support the 176-ton midsections.


SH Group has developed and installed the hydraulic systems interlocking the two bridge sections after closing.

The hydraulic system ensures that the bridge stays closed while not in use. It unlocks the magnet and retracts the hydraulic piston which then allows the bridge to swing open. The large hook section restricts the movement of the bridge on the wrong axis.

Wheel rollers on each of the non-movable bridge section, guide the midsections into place when coming into a closed position.

The entire system provides a safe environment for everyone who uses the bridge.


Control systems

SH Group has also written software and designed IT systems for the bridge.

The system allows safe passage for both ground and water traffic with warning lights, alarms, and barriers installed on each side of the bridge, which warn pedestrians before an opening sequence.

Electrical systems

Several electrical systems, including controls, safety systems, turning systems, and lighting, have all been developed by SH Group.

Due to the curvature of the bridge, the placement had to be calculated individually for each light as it needed to light up the bicycle path.

The lighting allows clear visibility during night hours, both across, and under the bridge. Along with the natural bend of the bridge, it blends beautifully into its surrounding environment.

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