NOW, NEAR, NEXT, Transforming German Architecture

NOW, NEAR, NEXT, Transforming German Architecture

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NOW, NEAR, NEXT, the digital exhibition of NAX partners and sponsors 2022-27, focuses on the transformation of architecture and construction. What are the competences that position German engineering and architecture offices internationally? The consistent German values such as perfectionism, quality in construction and project management, reliable engineering services and ontime delivery are enhanced by the experimental, the courageous, the different, the creative, the unfinished and perhaps also the typically "un-German".

Research and development play just as big a role as new materials and (digital) processes. New German architecture is not only established, but also processual, in a constant search for what is technically, aesthetically, or socially possible. It seeks actively for projects, actions and products or with an exemplary function novel has a structural-architectural dimension and a local-spatial peculiarity.

NOW NEAR NEXT shows the processual strive towards ever better solutions and the constant further development and research, as well as the future-oriented change in German building. The exhibition also focuses on the self-image of architects in Germany. Be inspired and explore exciting projects "Made by German Architects". You are welcome to discover: Architectural Change, Urban Metamorphosis, Process Transformation, Social Transition and last but not least the NAX Development.

About NAX, the Network for Architecture Exchange

German architects of all disciplines, engineers and specialized planners are internationally appreciated for their high quality in planning and expertise in integrated construction. The Network for Architecture Exchange NAX is an initiative of the Federal Chamber of German Architects that has been supporting German planners on their way abroad since 2002 and promotes the brand ‘Architecture made in Germany’ worldwide. NAX relies in this endeavour on the personal commitment of its members, who advocate for Architecture from Germany in the media as well as with politicians and entrepreneurs.

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